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Our vision

We envision a future where the disadvantaged and the privileged work together to create opportunities and share in a more equitable world.

Our mission

We are committed to reducing inequalities in wealth, education, and opportunity.

  • Wealth disparities go beyond money. We support projects that empower all those involved to work across the wealth divide towards courageous solutions and a sharing of knowledge, networks, and opportunities.
  • Education builds self-confidence and new perspectives. We educate on the perils of inequality and motivate the next generation to contribute actively towards levelling the playing field in their communities.
  • Our projects aim to create dialogues across the wealth divide, between the privileged and the disadvantaged. In the spirit of our Foundation, both parties commit to active cooperation based on mutual respect and trust to kick-start truly sustainable innovation and pave the way for a society that provides equal opportunities for all.

Our values

We are committed to reflecting on our values and ensuring our practices are consistent with them. They serve as a guide for our actions, behaviour, and decisions.

Why did we choose to address inequalities?

Inequality, especially wealth inequality, is one of the most pressing issues of our time. It leads to a lack of trust, violence, and unrest that can have a deeply detrimental impact on societies. We want to create opportunities that address different systemic factors of inequality and educate the next generation about this lingering discrepancy between the privileged and the disadvantaged.

Individuals, communities, and regions can only thrive with genuine collaboration across the wealth divide – a divide that we aim to bridge. Once we see one another for our potential rather than for our backgrounds, we pave the way for dialogue. And once the doors are open for everybody, innovation can spark – the innovation needed to solve humanity’s problems.

As the charitable foundation of a trusted partner to the world’s wealthy since 1890, the Julius Baer Foundation is ideally equipped to use its international network to connect the privileged and the disadvantaged. We seek to use our platform to provide education, share prosperity, and contribute to a world of equal opportunities.

Our core areas

The Julius Baer Foundation focuses on two core areas: 

Our partner organisations

The Julius Baer Foundation supports initiatives around the world that drive change, have the potential to inspire others, and are united in one common approach: that the disadvantaged and the privileged work together to share their knowledge and networks, and thereby create equal opportunities.

Wealth inequality project example: Codespa

Enabling seaweed farmers to evolve from having no access to any substantial markets to being a vital link within the international seaweed value chain. Factsheet

Education inequality project example: Christel House

Providing children in the most marginalised communities of Cape Town with free scholarships, a tailored education, and access to the more privileged strata of South African society. Factsheet

Grant application

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