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Julius Baer Foundation

At the Julius Baer Foundation we pursue two paths towards a better world: reducing Wealth Inequality in our society and finding alternative Solutions Replacing Plastics on our planet.

For over fifty years, the Julius Baer Foundation has been dedicated to making meaningful and impactful contributions to society. The grant foundation of the Julius Baer Group was established in 1965 by Walter J. Bär (1895-1970) to support all forms of art and culture, various sciences and carefully selected charitable causes in Switzerland.

Over the years, the Foundation has expanded its presence and reach. We helped to found the ‘Julius Bär Stiftung Deutschland’ in 2019 and today we support initiatives worldwide that drive change and have the potential to become role models for others. With our network of partner organisations, we dedicate ourselves to two strategic core areas: Wealth Inequality and Solutions Replacing Plastics. Additionally, we continue our traditional solidarity and art engagement through the support of the Julius Baer employee-based JB Cares organisation and selected art museums in Switzerland.

Wealth Inequality

Our Vision

We envision a society in which the privileged and the disadvantaged enrich each other’s lives through collaborations that benefit all the parties involved and advance the potential of humanity.

Our Mission
We promote voluntary exchange between the privileged and the disadvantaged to reduce existing inequalities of means and opportunities. We do this by supporting, guiding and investing in Wealth Inequality initiatives that bring people of different socio-economic groups into cooperation on concrete projects that create value for them and their communities.

Solutions Replacing Plastics

Our Vision

We envision a society whose economic aspirations are sustainable, mindful of the environment and respectful of natural resources as the foundations of our prosperity.

Our Mission

We promote sustainable economies that protect the environment from pollution through plastics. We do this by supporting and investing in visionary business models that build on alternative Solutions Replacing Plastics or on circular economies recycling plastics.

Our Partner Organisations

Learn more about the initiatives we support around the globe.

Grant Application

If you would like to submit a proposal, please click here to find all relevant information.