What if an electric race car writes the future of mobility?

How do we want to live in 2060? Even if we do not know exactly what it will entail, we are confident that the right investment can steer the future in the right direction. But where do we begin?

There is a big gap between the world as it is and how it could be. We are aware of the causes of pollution, however, for reasons of comfort, we do nothing about it. Cars jam the streets and our cities, parking is turning into a stressful treasure hunt, all because of our increasing need for mobility. After long-haul flights, we try to erase our carbon footprint with donations to climate protection. Even though we know how our mobility affects the environment, it does not restrain us from continuing as before. What could the alternative be? Stay put? Please don’t.  
So, we find ourselves in a tricky situation. Science and common sense warn of the irreversible damages to the environment – if we continue as before. Simultaneously, we avoid looking into the long-term future and how our children and grandchildren will witness it. If we do not act now, the next generation will have to pay the price.  
How we took a first step as Founding Global Partner of Formula E 
Do we want this? We at Julius Baer see the future with optimism. Even if we do not know exactly what it will entail. We are confident, however, that the right investments can steer the future in the right direction. Thanks to technological advancements, we can break out in a new direction. Where do we begin? How do we promote long-term economic growth and sustainable structural changes at the same time? 
As the founding Global Partner of Formula E, we have taken a first step in this direction. We contribute to the development and testing of future technologies. Early on, we recognized the potential of the racing series: That it represents so much more than motor sports. Formula E serves as a test bed for innovations. More and more car manufacturers but also industrial companies and cities want to contribute and write the future of mobility with the electric car race.   
How do we want to live in 2060? 
Questions concerning the future do not stop at mobility though. What about urbanisation, artificial intelligence, robots, connectivity, renewable energy technologies? What is our responsibility? How do we want to use progress? How far into the future should we, humanity, plan? 
We are in control of how we want to live in the future. Within the context of our #Window2TheFuture campaign we ask ourselves questions as: Will we fly to work in 2060? Will we produce electricity from algae in 2060? Will drones have replaced trucks in 2060? 

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