If you are looking to delegate the monitoring of your portfolio to Julius Baer, whilst remaining in control of your investment decisions, then the Investment Service Mandate may be right for you.

Systematic monitoring of your portfolio

In selecting the Investment Service Mandate, you can be confident that your portfolio will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and systematically monitored against minimum and maximum asset class exposures and a limited set of additional investment parameters.

At the inception of the mandate, a customised initial portfolio review will be conducted and a suitable investment objective defined. Afterwards, you will receive quarterly reviews and we will report to you on the outcome.

You will also receive recommendations when our quarterly review or systematic monitoring suggests taking action would benefit your portfolio or when you ask for them.

With the Investment Service Mandate, you will always remain fully flexible, as you’ll make all investment decisions yourself, and your relationship manager will remain your contact person at all times.

To learn more about Julius Baer’s Investment Service Mandate, please contact your relationship manager.