We see the responsibility of Julius Baer as encompassing all aspects of sustainability: economic, social as well as environmental. This means working on continuing our successful relationships with our clients for many generations to come while going beyond the daily business and being an active citizen of the society.

Based on Julius Baer’s Core Values, the daily activities of our company are governed by a set of guiding principles and professional standards for ethical business conduct. These principles are as follows:

  • We not only observe the laws and regulations of countries we operate in but also go beyond what is required, be it in our business activities, relations with our employees or engagement in the local communities
  • We keep the interests of our clients at the centre of our business activities, ensuring excellent service and performance to meet their needs
  • We are the destination Bank for top talents, treating each other with respect and provide an environment conducive to professional growth and empowerment of our staff
  • We communicate transparently on all material business and other activities of the Bank with our diverse stakeholder group
  • We respect human rights in all our endeavours as well as implement measures to minimise the ecological footprint of Julius Baer

Corporate Sustainability framework

Details of our various activities, including qualitative developments and key quantitative indicators, can be found in the Corporate Sustainability Report under the Downloads link on the right hand side of this page.