Taking your company to the next level with a Lombard loan

Your company is growing quickly, and recently landed a game-changing contract – but its IT platform urgently needs to be upgraded. This will be a major investment, and although the money required will be available in a few months’ time, you need to inject funds into the company to bridge that period. You have a securities portfolio, and therefore wish to explore what kind of lending solutions would be available to you if these invested assets were to be used as collateral. This is the first time that your company requires liquidity at such short notice, and so you want to make sure you select the option that will be the best for both you and your company.


Our financing experts understand that securing swift and flexible access to liquidity for time-critical investments can be pivotal. Together with you, they will explore the financing options that allow you to stay invested with your portfolio while using its value to secure a loan either to you or directly to your company. This timely solution will ensure you don’t miss out on this investment or on other important opportunities when they arise.

 The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of Julius Baer.