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Tokyo / Zurich, 8 February 2023 – The Julius Baer Japan Report 2023 examines the resilience and innovation potential of the Japanese economy, and the megatrends that will drive its future growth.

Japan’s economy has proven resilient amid global challenges

In 2022, the world faced several challenges, including disrupted supply chains, rising energy prices and mounting geopolitical tensions. Amid these challenges, Japan’s resilient domestic economy has allowed the country to leverage opportunities in the ‘next normal.’

Japanese companies have positioned themselves for the ‘next normal’ with a focus on digital security

Japan succeeded by catching up on digitalisation during the pandemic, securing supply chains during the recovery, and innovating for a more challenging ‘next normal.’ Japanese companies have built on their proven resilience to position themselves in a much tenser and less secure geopolitical environment that requires higher levels of cybersecurity and trust. Major Japanese IT service companies and trading houses are already benefitting from the new global environment of complex, increasingly digitalised supply chains in Asia.

Japan is contributing to the next level of wealth creation with digital currencies, smart supply chains, and secure ecosystems  

To support future business growth, leading Japanese companies are building trusted ecosystems that integrate a growing number of partners based on cutting-edge digital technologies. A large consortium of major Japanese companies and leading financial institutions is even developing some of the most advanced private digital money solutions, which can help their partners to cut costs, build trust, and drive innovation.

With Japanese companies pushing ahead as leaders in the development of digital currencies, smart supply chains, and secure ecosystems, the country is poised to contribute to the next level of wealth creation.