The Julius Baer Foundation supports organisations benefitting children, youths and young adults. Donations are given with special focus placed on international health, education and nutrition:


  • Zukunft für Kinder / Future for Children
    Through conscientious water provision in Asia, children can attend school and no longer need to spend time transporting water.
  • Child’s Dream Kindertraum*
    The construction of boarding houses in Asia enables children from very remote mountain villages to attend classes.
    Supporting professional independence by providing young people with the skills they need to manage a small business.
  • China’s Forgotten Orphans*
    Building a children’s playground in China that takes disabled children into account.


    Vocational training, so that women can learn how to mobilise their own resources and develop their skills in line with their professional requirements.


    Promoting financial competence in Switzerland by giving young people support in dealing with money and finances.


    Providing school education in Tanzania, Africa in English and Information Technology, as well as a hot meal.
  • 36one*
    Offering mountain bike loving people support on their homework and giving them access to a library.


  • IGMK
    Providing an ‘Administrative Assistance and Sales’ study course so that students are prepared for the world of work in Latin America
    Empowering youths in Latin America through a training course to strengthen agricultural skills.

* New projects in 2013