Your gateway to the global markets

Julius Baer’s Securities Trading & Advisory provides you with a broad spectrum of debt and equity trading services, and a range of products that will enable you to trade across all markets.

Key benefits of Securities Trading & Advisory

  • Access to the world’s leading financial markets
  • Markets and products expertise at your disposal
  • Established broker and counterparty networks across the globe
  • Smooth order and best price execution, with fast processing
  • Tailor-made services and professional advice

Securities Trading & Advisory

Julius Baer’s securities trading services and product shelf includes equities, bonds, investment funds, derivatives, structured products, initial public offerings (IPO) and secondary placements. Learn more about each of these advisory and product solutions below:

Equities Advisory &  Equities and Structured Products Execution

  • Trading access to more than 65 countries worldwide, mostly via Direct Market Access (DMA), and including different state-of-the art algorithmic trading strategies
  • Access to secondary & initial public offerings
  • Direct access to the daily business of the world’s leading financial markets (see separate Direct Access Service)
  • Advisory services offer real-time market information and short-term trading advice

Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD)

  • Access to a worldwide variety of standardised listed products (options and futures)
  • Products, liquidity and price information, and dedicated execution service worldwide, with a main focus on financial underlyings
  • Using ETDs when developing diversified client solutions, in order to achieve their market scenarios

Fixed Income Advisory & Execution

  • Best price execution across the entire bond spectrum, due to trading relationships with more than 140 market makers
  • Access to the primary market for all clients
  • Advisory services, including the distribution of New Issue Alerts, switch and trading Ideas, comments on single bonds and general market updates

Traditional Funds Execution & Funds Secondary Trading

  • One of the most comprehensive and advanced service in the complex world of investment funds, with primary and secondary market execution
  • Secondary trading in investment funds, enabling traditional investment funds to be executed at continuously updated, market-based prices, as quickly and as easily as equities
  • Providing secondary funds trading solutions that are innovative, simple to understand, comprehensive in their structuring and transparent

Certain products and service offerings may not be available in your location. Please contact your relationship manager for further information.

Further information

Would you like to find out more about securities trading at Julius Baer? Your relationship manager would be delighted to provide you with more information.