Offering you Individualised Solutions and More Freedom

With extensive professional expertise, over a century of experience, a well-established global network, and a steadfast commitment to serving client needs, the specialists at Julius Baer are highly-adept in taking good care of your wealth.

By entrusting Julius Baer with your wealth via the Discretionary Investment Management Mandate Offering, you can relieve yourself from the day-to-day burden of managing your assets, so that you’ll have time for other meaningful pursuits.

Our Discretionary Investment Management Mandates: the choice is yours

The Discretionary Investment Management Mandate Offering is all about you: Your individual needs, financial objectives and tolerance for risk set the guidelines in designing your discretionary mandate portfolio. In partnership with your relationship manager, your specific needs will be heard so that an investment strategy that meets your bespoke requirements can be defined.

Robust investment approach

Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management offers a range of discretionary mandates, covering various characteristics, strategies, assets and reference currencies. Through broad diversification and by focusing on substance, income, innovation and growth, Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management aims at achieving solid returns. You can relax in knowing that all solutions offered are through an open product platform, so that you’ll receive the best possible solution from a spectrum of leading internal and external financial instruments.

Keeping you informed

Our clear and transparent reporting framework keeps you regularly informed on the status and performance of your portfolio. We regularly review your strategy with you to ensure that it is still appropriate to your situation, your expectations and your objectives. And when these change, we adapt the strategy accordingly.

Additional information

Are you interested in learning more about Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management's Offering? Your Julius Baer relationship manager would be happy to discuss the options available to you.