Swiss Boutique Wealth Management

Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management offers Discretionary Investment Services to meet your various needs. We focus on the wealth management business in Japan while maintaining our Swiss tradition aimed at protecting your assets.

Our Discretionary Investment Services: the choice is yours

By entrusting Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management with your wealth via the Discretionary Investment Services Offering, you can relieve yourself from the day-to-day burden of managing your assets, so that you will have time for other meaningful pursuits.

The Discretionary Investment Services starts with you: to design a tailor-made portfolio, your relationship manager holds numerous dialogues with you and explores your needs such as investment objectives and risk tolerance that will be reflected in the investment guideline. The tailor-made portfolio is constructed accordingly and ready for you.

Robust Investment Approach

Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management offers a variety of discretionary investment services, covering various characteristics, strategies, assets and reference currencies. Our product range across various markets and financial instruments diversifies your source of return. Through our services, you will be able to broaden investment opportunities.

Keeping you informed

Our clear and transparent reporting framework keeps you regularly informed on the status and performance of your portfolio. We regularly review your investment strategy to ensure if it is in line with your expectations and objectives. A change in strategy is implemented when necessary.

Further information

For more information about the services, please contact our relationship managers.