A responsible way to invest

Julius Baer Wealth Management recognises that the economic and political environment will most likely remain challenging in the years to come. In light of this, we go beyond the classical investment paradigms.In doing so, Julius Baer incorporates a responsible and dynamic approach to investing that should enhance investment returns and preserves capital better than passive investment approaches. 

Core components of the Julius Baer investment approach

Achieving an attractive return over an investment cycle

The Julius Baer Investment Approach consists of three components: Active Risk Management, a Responsible Investment Strategy and an Active Asset Allocation.

It all starts with a Responsible Investment Strategy, focusing on results in solid returns. Julius Baer has signed and incorporated the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This strategy consists of a broad investment universe that focuses on responsible investments with substance (including companies with high free cash flow, attractive dividends, sound balance sheets, strong market leadership and operating margins), income, innovation and growth.

A portfolio investing into a wide range of sub-asset classes offers a number of benefits: it can deliver attractive returns, bring stability, increase diversification, and thereby also avoid significant losses.

The Active Risk Management component involves active management of your portfolio to limit losses. Active risk management provides an understanding of the impact on performance in a deteriorating environment. In managing your portfolio, Julius Baer employs active divestment management for faster response so as to avoid material losses. By making adjustments, returns are enhanced and corrections enable you to make the most of investment opportunities.

Lastly, through Active Asset Allocation, you can take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise, thereby potentially enhancing your returns.

Benefits of Julius Baer Wealth Management's bespoke investment approach

  • Providing you with solid returns through a broad, diversified investment universe that includes a wide-range of sub-asset classes, with particular attention paid to currency risks.
  • Investment focus for your wealth is placed on substance – companies with a responsible business practice, high free cash flow, attractive dividends, sound balance sheets, strong market leadership and operating margins, as well as on income, innovation and growth. Such investments tend to suffer less in a crisis and recover faster thereafter
  • Access to a broad range of asset classes provides you with diversification, as well as plenty of room for adapting to a changing market environment
  • Your portfolio has greater stability: significant losses shall be avoided through active risk management, broad diversification and divestment management. The highly robust investment process allows us to enhance your investments across all investment cycles.
  • Active asset allocation enhances your returns, and makes the most of investment opportunities

Further Information

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