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Share information

Details regarding the Julius Baer Group shares and the stock exchange listing can be found here

Julius Baer Group Shares

The shares of the Julius Baer Group are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. They are included in the Swiss Leader Index (SLI), comprising the 30 largest and most liquid Swiss stocks.

Simbolo BAER.S
N° di valore 10248496
ISIN CH0102484968
Ultimo prezzo CHF 59.30
Cambio CHF 2.02
Cambio % 3.53
Ultimo volume di transazione 303993
Volume accumulato 765'904
Ora transazione 17:30:58
Data transazione 2021-05-14
Prezzo denaro CHF 59.32
Entità prezzo denaro 108
Prezzo lettera CHF 59.36
Entità prezzo lettera 290
    31.12.2020 31.12.2019 Change in %
Number of shares issued   223,809,448 223,809,448 -
Market capitalisation (CHF m)   11,414 11,175 2.1
Moody’s long-term deposit rating Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.   Aa3 Aa2  
Zurich, Switzerland     SIX Swiss Exchange, under the securities number 10 248 496.
Member of the Swiss Leader Index SLI.
Ticker symbol       BAER

Share register

The share register of Julius Baer Group Ltd. is maintained by Nimbus AG in Ziegelbrücke:

Share Register of Julius Baer Group Ltd.
c/o Nimbus AG
Ziegelbrückstrasse 82
CH-8866 Ziegelbrücke
Phone: +41 55 617 37 37
Fax: + 41 55 617 37 38