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Trends shaping the future

With our Next Generation thematic approach, we identify the megatrends that are shaping our future and translate them into tangible investment themes.

While we do not know what tomorrow’s world will look like, we can identify long-term trends that we believe will shape the world of tomorrow. These megatrends affect every aspect of our lives. They cause structural changes in our society, influencing consumers and companies alike.

At Julius Baer, our Next Generation experts identify these megatrends and turn them into tangible investment themes that you can invest in today.

Our seven investment themes:

Digital Disruption

The digital age has already changed our lives fundamentally, and it is set to continue doing so in the years to come.

Shifting lifestyles

By 2030, the number of people aged 60 and over is going to exceed that of children under the age of ten for the first time in history.


Wealth inequality is a source and amplifier of imbalances, and is likely one of the biggest challenges for society in the current decade.

Energy Transition

The energy business is experiencing tectonic shifts as various structural trends such as changing consumer patterns rattle its foundation.

Future Cities

Our world is becoming ever more city-centric and the urbanisation trend brings both economic opportunities as well as social challenges.

Feeding the world

Around 70% of future growth in food consumption will occur in developing countries.

How to invest in megatrends

Watch our video to learn how thematic investing can be used to future-proof your investment portfolio. We also explain how we identify attractive investments within a specific theme and explore some of the pitfalls to avoid when pursuing this type of investment approach. 

Next Generation: A thematic investment approach

Thematic investing is characterised by a focus on long-term trends and long-term winners, thus providing valuable diversification benefits to traditionally built portfolios. Our Next Generation investment philosophy is backed by thought-leading research, as we have built up extensive experience in thematic investing during the past decade. We single out structural growth stories and see through the hype that comes with some of these themes, offering you investment solutions with a clear focus on thematic purity.

Our Next Generation philosophy is built on the following three pillars:

Learn more about thematic investing at Julius Baer

Interested in learning how your investment portfolio can benefit from these exciting trends? Check out our investment advisory mandates and our discretionary mandates.

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