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What matters to you?

Julius Baer’s holistic solutions can help you make the most of every important stage of your life.

Our lives are made up of moments: the birth of a child, the launch of a company, a move to a different country, becoming a homeowner, a relaxing holiday, the first day of retirement. Julius Baer understands how important these moments are. And how the right advice at the right time can help you build strong foundations for the future. We also understand that your situation, as well as your goals and priorities, can change over time. That’s why we work with you to develop holistic strategies and solutions so you can make the most of all the big moments in your life, as well as all the smaller ones in between.

What is your next big moment?

My career, my company

Are you looking to start a new company or considering relocating for work? Our experts can support you in planning your next move, no matter which crossroads you’re standing at in your career.

Taking your company to the next level with a Lombard loan

My investment and financing needs

Are you seeking specialist advice on how to reach your long-term financial objectives? Or are you interested in exploring how to best finance a project? Our dedicated teams would be delighted show you which options are best suited to your specific situation.

Reshaping an existing portfolio with the help of a Lombard loan

My family 

Are you thinking about starting a family, handing your business over to your children, or how to ensure your loved ones will be taken care of in the future? Julius Baer has been helping families achieve their goals for over a century, and we’d like to do the same for you. 

My retirement

Is retirement beginning to feel like it’s no longer in the all-too distant future? Are you starting to think about how to ensure you can maintain your current lifestyle when that time comes? We’re here to help.

My passion

Would you like to use your wealth to help others and make a difference? We have decades of experience in helping people realise their philanthropic vision.


Let’s start a conversation about your investment, financing, or wealth planning needs.