A stable future for my company and my family

Your family company has been built up over generations, and its continuation was entrusted to you by your parents. As your retirement approaches, you are considering how to secure its growth in the future, as well as help your children join the business. How to ensure that all members of your family are happy with the approach? What options are there for sharing your legacy fairly between them? As you step back from the company, you would like to use some of your wealth for charitable causes, but what are the options available to you, and what is the most effective approach?


Julius Baer understands what it means to be a global family today. Our own family heritage, paired with our network of external experts, will work with you to develop and implement a roadmap for both your future endeavours and your family’s ongoing prosperity.

The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of Julius Baer.