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In a world driven by technological advancement, change is the only constant. New technologies will largely eliminate information asymmetries and speed up decision-making processes at a pace that will continue to grow. In this environment, the ultimate winners will be the providers who face these changes head-on and act quickly to position themselves properly. Driven mainly by technology and regulation, intermediaries’ business models are on the brink of dramatic change. This change will ultimately allow them to position themselves ahead of the curve and provide added value to their clients.

At Julius Baer, we’ve developed an approach specifically designed to help intermediaries make business decisions: the Business Navigator. This approach gives intermediaries the tools they, as businesses, need to thoroughly prepare for the rapidly changing environment and stay focused on their two key strategic objectives: generating income sustainably and optimally managing costs.

In our new online publication we address issues that matter to intermediaries and their business. Its articles draw on certain aspects of the Business Navigator but also feature the views of external experts.  

Our publication is a platform that showcases real-life examples and case studies as appropriate for experts. We also feature various intermediaries who describe how they resolved strategic concerns in unprecedented ways.

We’ve reached a turning point in the digital age – let’s explore this new path together.   

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Julius Baer Intermediaries & Global Custody

Claudio Cacace, Bank Julius Baer

Julius Baer has been in close contact with 1,500 intermediaries for 35 years. These many years of experience in cooperation with intermediaries have shown that most clients focus exclusively on the provision of first-class wealth management services. This is certainly not surprising because it is also the core task of every intermediary.

Christoph Hartgens, Bank Julius Baer

The pace of digitalisation has increased rapidly in recent years, giving rise to developments which are exercising a considerable influence on our daily behaviour.For example, think about the way we consume and share information today, or how we react to it. The speed at which new digital developments are emerging seems to be getting faster and faster.

Sener Arslan, Expersoft Systems AG

Intermediaries face multiple challenges in the form of imminent new regulations, increasing margin pressure, and ever-expanding lists of customer requirements, especially in the area of digitisation. Solution providers must therefore plan ahead and think holistically in developing solutions for intermediaries.

Pascal Lemann, Evolute AG

An unparalleled wave of new regulations has hit the financial industry in the decade that has followed one of the largest-ever global financial crises. FATCA, AEOI/CRS, AIFMD, MiFID, MiFIR, FinSA and FinIA are just a few of the laws and regulations that have come into force or are in the process of being introduced.

Stephanie Feigt, 3rd eyes AG

According to a recently published report, the most significant concerns for wealth advisors are to ‘stay relevant to a younger generation of investors’, ‘keep up with technology’ and ‘cope with new competition’. The key question is how to effectively address these challenges.

Interview with Mike Toole, Artorius

To choose the right vendor solution among a myriad of players can be an overwhelming exercise for an independent asset manager, says Mike Toole, COO at Artorius. Toole explains what his firm is looking for when shortlisting potential vendors and how Julius Baer’s insights into the Swiss market has supported Artorius’ selection process

Interview with Kristian Bader, swisspartners

There are numerous challenges faced when new IT solutions need to be implemented. swisspartners’ COO Kristian Bader knows best, as his company recently upgraded its existing portfolio management system extensively in order to comply with the demanding regulatory requirements.

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