Ready, set, go: The Zurich E-Prix is around the corner!

The heat is turning up as drivers Sébastien Buemi and Nico Prost get ready for the Zurich E-Prix. What does it mean to them to participate in the first road race in Switzerland in over 60 years? Why is Zurich the perfect place to host a Formula E race? And where is the best spot to see the most action on the big day? Get the lowdown in this video.

Get ready for the Zurich E-Prix!

What does it mean to you to finally be racing in Switzerland?
“I would like to view it as a normal race but it’s impossible. It’s the first car race in Switzerland since 1954. Tickets sold very fast and everybody is really excited about it. We are really honoured to have the opportunity to race in Switzerland.”

Why is Zurich such a good place to host a Formula E race?
“Zurich is a perfect match for Formula E as there are already many electric cars and sustainable mobility is a real buzzword here. As the batteries are improving fast in terms of both power and reach, I see a future with electric cars everywhere.”

Which is the best spot to see the most action on the big day?
“Certainly turn one, as it’s always exciting to see the start of the race. Then after the long straight where we are going to arrive with a speed of more than 220 km/h, just before entering a very tight corner. You are likely to see many overtaking manoeuvres there.”

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