How we invest today is how we live tomorrow

Our ambition as a wealth manager is to foster long-term economic growth and sustainable structural changes at the same time. When it comes to e-mobility, Formula E driver Jérôme D’Ambrosio contributes to our mission on a daily basis. We asked him: How is Formula E going to change the way we live tomorrow?

If we’re truly honest with ourselves, we know taking the train instead of the car would be more planet-friendly. We know that all our long-haul flights, as well as short city trips, are absurd. Yet, within the connected world we live in, staying in one place is not the solution. Besides, as customers, we still want our needs satisfied – new clothes, food, everything necessary to live our best life – it still has to be delivered somehow, right?

At Julius Baer we care about the bigger picture. We look out for the best options to steer our future, the lives of our children and grandchildren, into the right direction. In the concept of Formula E we see a great chance to turn our modes of transport into cleaner and more sustainable solutions. We discussed this ambitious idea with Jérôme D’Ambrosio. The driver gave us an expert’s perspective on how the sport will ultimately add real value to all of our lives.

Jérôme D’Ambrosio about the values of his sport 
The Belgian made his debut in Formula E in the very first season of the racing series, in 2014. He has won multiple races, leads the ranking in the ongoing season, and might be one of the best Formula E drivers of our time. At the midpoint of season 5, we spoke with D’Ambrosio about how experiencing Formula E first-hand has changed his attitude and, most of all, how he thinks it will lead the way to tomorrow’s technologies.

It was a risk. But without partners, Formula E as such wouldn’t exist.

“Formula E stands for innovation,” says D’Ambrosio. To him, it’s not only about fast-developing technologies but about “the environment it’s in”. He describes the atmosphere of the race series as “one big talk about sustainable development on different fronts that really makes you aware of a global movement”. Looking back at the last four seasons he proudly speaks about the big step Formula E has just made: They used to change cars in the middle of the race because the batteries didn’t last. Now “we have one car for the whole race. One battery with more power going double the distance.”

An important transformation, since it is a message to everyone who has been sceptical about the sport. It proves that the development rate in this industry is much higher than in any other industry. “That’s why Formula E is so important in that aspect also for the manufacturers,” D’Ambrosio adds.

The importance of Formula E on a metaphorical level
In the beginning, Formula E triggered a barrage of criticism. What attracted D’Ambrosio to the circus, despite its many doubters? “The concept made sense. So did the message.” He remembers how so many people thought that it was very courageous of Julius Baer to believe in the concept and go for it “before actually having seen it."

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