Structured products

While fixed income and equities should form the core allocation in client portfolios, structured products can often play an important role in helping you to execute your views on an asset class, with a pre-defined risk-return trade-off based on your risk profile.

The open product and service platform at Julius Baer gives you the opportunity to invest in structured products from third-party issuers. If required, we can also offer you a structure that is customised to your own market and asset class views, in cooperation with third-party issuers.

Real estate funds

Real estate investment continues to be a favoured theme for most clients, however with most lacking the time or having limited access to the latest opportunities, Julius Baer through its network of third-party professional managers looks to bridge this gap. It is through this network that we identify and make available select third-party real estate fund offerings that will give you access to the best-of-breed funds and professional management.

Private equity funds

The longer-term, high growth potential of the Indian economy and equity markets has been attracting many private equity and venture capital enterprises into committing long-term funds to Indian companies. The Indian private equity diaspora has evolved significantly over the years and now spreads across a variety of industries as well as stages of development, such as manufacturing, IT services, pharma, internet startups, e-commerce, media and infrastructure.

At Julius Baer, we endeavour to provide you access to some of the unlisted opportunities in the Indian corporate sector, through select third-party opportunities from amongst the growing private equity fund industry.

Other alternative investment opportunities

Although still nascent in India, the non-traditional alternative investment universe holds out some interesting opportunities for clients who wish to diversify away from their traditional investments, or at times, want to explore more ways to grow their wealth. As your wealth manager, we evaluate some of these investment strategies, offered by third-party managers, for their relevance in the market and their potential to add value to your portfolio.

Additional information

Are you interested in learning more about Julius Baer’s Structured & Alternative Solutions? Your Julius Baer relationship manager would be happy to discuss the solutions available to you.