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Financing solutions for new projects

Financing solutions for new projects

You have taken your company from a start-up to the stock market – an exhilarating journey. However, this has resulted in the majority of your wealth being connected to your shareholding in the company. With the IPO complete and the company continuing to perform well, you would now like to get started on a new passion project.

You have a clear idea of what that will be, in fact, the business plan is already in place. To get your new vision off the ground, you now need access to capital. In your mind, the most logical next step would be to use your listed stake as collateral for a loan to finance the project. But you want to do this without moving your assets and would like to maintain the holding structure of your listed shares. You are therefore looking for guidance on how best to proceed.


Julius Baer’s specialists will carefully examine your specific situation and provide you with a variety of possible financing solutions that enable you to raise a loan secured by your shares and that align with your long-term strategic objectives for the investment. These highly bespoke solutions can be adjusted to meet your needs on an ongoing basis, even after execution.

 The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of Julius Baer.

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