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Debt Instruments

Product documentations of publicly-listed instruments

> Bond 2017-2024 (PDF)

Important legal Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer

All information on this website, including all financial information and information about capital and debt instruments is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation for investment nor an offer to buy and/or sell securities or financial/capital/debt instruments. No investment advice is provided.

Capital and debt instruments may not be offered, sold or otherwise transferred within certain countries (in particular the United States as defined in the United States Securities Act 1933, U.K., European Economic Area /, Italy and Singapore, but also in other countries) or to or for the account or benefit of citizens of such countries (in particular US persons) and/or to or for the account or benefit of certain persons and investor groups (such as e.g. prohibition of sales to EEA retail investors retail clients) in accordance with applicable regulations. Detailed information on selling restrictions can be found in the respective prospectus/product documentation and have to be abided by.

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