Electrified Visions presented by Julius Baer

Julius Baer presents a new six-part video series celebrating the pioneering technologies currently being used, developed, and tested within Formula E that are changing the face of the automotive industry. As predicted in the latest research study from Norbert Rücker, Head Macro & Commodities Research, the future looks electric with today’s mobility reaching a dead end as congestion and pollution become evermore pressing issues. Electric cars and autonomous driving are two key technologies that are set to profoundly impact the future of mobility, alongside the rising Asian middle class and urbanisation. We take an in-depth look at the visionary and sustainable technologies tested on the Formula E platform, with each video focusing on a different area. Learn about the importance of the race car batteries and how battery-related developments within Formula E are changing the face of the electric vehicle landscape. Explore how regenerative braking will change the way we drive and how the future of charging our electric vehicles is likely to be wireless, and just how this works. Discover how sensor technology and the data coming from Formula E is being replicated in tomorrow’s electric vehicles, and the importance of cooling systems within these single-seat racers and how this translates to an electric vehicle on the road. Take a closer look at how Formula E is using alternative and exciting natural fuels to help power the championship and how this could go on to power greener events on an even larger scale across the globe.

Electrified Visions


Julius Baer and Formula E