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Episode 4: Wireless Charging

Episode 4: Wireless Charging

Julius Baer presents 'Electrified Visions' a new six-part video series celebrating the pioneering technologies currently being used, developed, and tested within Formula E that are changing the face of the automotive industry.

Currently most road electric vehicles need to be plugged in to charge, but Formula E is witnessing the start of a wireless car charging revolution. The advantages of this technology could spread far and wide, meaning there could be entire sections of highway fitted with wireless charging devices which charge cars as they are being driven, or parking bays that wirelessly charge your car while you’re away. The BMW i8 Qualcomm safety car, which is used in Formula E, employs this pioneering technology. Presenter Marc Priestley explains how this works, finds out how safe this wireless system actually is, and discovers how easy it is to use.

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