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Episode 3: Regenerative Braking

Episode 3: Regenerative Braking

Julius Baer presents 'Electrified Visions' a new six-part video series celebrating the pioneering technologies currently being used, developed, and tested within Formula E that are changing the face of the automotive industry.

Regenerative braking is one of the key features of Formula E race cars, but what does it actually involve? MS Amlin Andretti driver, Antonio Felix Da Costa, guides presenter Marc Priestly through the key principles.

Regenerative braking is an efficient way of recovering energy through the brakes of the car, but requires the driver and team to be very strategic in engineering this feature. The more regenerative braking a driver employs, the slower their lap time. Driving a Formula E race car requires a fine balance between braking and accelerating because the driver needs to conserve as much energy as possible early on in the race to conserve the car’s energy for when top speeds are most needed.

Regenerative braking already plays a key role in the road electric vehicles of today, and developments within Formula E indicate we are entering a new phase of innovation for the future of electric vehicles.

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