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Whilst Julius Baer takes measures to ensure that your data cannot be intercepted by third parties, please note that when using this contact form, data is transported over an open network (Internet) which is accessible to third parties and which cannot be regarded as a secure environment. By using this contact form to transmit confidential data (e.g. account number) you accept the risk of disclosing the banking relationship and banking client information to third parties. Julius Baer may transmit or store any data provided by you when using this contact form outside your country of residence. In such cases, Julius Baer will make every effort to secure an appropriate standard of protection for your data, taking account of the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including those relating to bank client confidentiality and data protection, but it is possible that data may be relayed to a country in which the prevailing standards of data protection are lower than in your country of domicile. Julius Baer accepts no responsibility or liability for the security of your data during transmission via the contact form. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can communicate with us by other means whenever you consider it appropriate on data protection grounds.

By providing your telephone number and/or e-mail address above you expressly approve that Julius Baer can contact you via telephone and/or via unsecured e-mail.

Please be aware that the use of e-mail involves considerable risks such as lack of confidentiality, potential manipulation of contents or sender’s address, wrong recipient, viruses etc. Furthermore, the use of e-mail involves the risk of incomplete, falsified or delayed transmissions. Any and all risks arising from the use of this contact form shall be borne solely and exclusively by the user. All liability for loss or damage that may be suffered by the user, due to errors in transmission, technical faults, disruptions, delays, illegal intrusion by unauthorised third parties, or caused in any other manner as a result of the use of e-mail, is hereby excluded. Julius Baer recommends in particular that you do not send any sensitive information via e-mail, that you do not include details of the previous message in any reply, and that you enter e-mail addresses manually every time you write an e-mail.

Julius Baer does not accept any transaction orders submitted via this contact form, including but not limited to account openings, payment or stock market transaction orders, revocation of orders or authorisations, blocking of credit cards, change of address. Please get in touch with the local Julius Baer entity or your relationship manager for such transactions.

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