In our Next Generation Summit, First Movers, we are bringing together some of the most inspiring thought leaders of our time, including keynote speaker, JB Straubel, Co-Founder of Tesla Motors, and innovators such as Dr Liu Thai Ker, Chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities, Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Ricardo Pesce, Managing Director of Embraer Asia Pacific and Steve Melhuish, CEO and Co-founder of PropertyGuru, amongst other distinguished speakers.

They will share their views on global megatrends relevant for today and tomorrow. Panels and dedicated speeches will address topics such as what we should expect from future cities, how data alters our perception of global health needs, professional and personal measures of success in philanthropy, the future of mobility and the next big trends in the world of travel.

Several Julius Baer representatives, including CEO Boris F.J. Collardi, Dr Thomas R. Meier, Member of the Executive Board and Region Head Asia Pacific, Dr Luigi Vignola, Head Markets and Investment Solutions Group Asia Pacific, and other business specialists will be offering insights on a variety of topics.
Clients and prospects interested in joining this Next Generation Summit are kindly asked to contact their relationship manager.

The topics of discussion at the Summit are listed in detail below.

Keynote Speaker

JB Straubel
Co-founder and CTO of Tesla Motors

With a background in energy systems engineering Jeffrey (JB) Straubel has worked in the areas of designing technologies for high-altitude aircraft, power conversion mechanisms, and most recently the area of electric vehicles. Straubel will bring his technical know-how and engineering vision to the stage to explain the future of mobility from his perspective.


Guest Speaker

Professor Hans Rosling
Professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Listed as TED’s most popular talks of all time, Professor Rosling’s presentation style  blends the charisma and dynamism of a sportscaster with the depth of a serious mathematician. What emerges has been described simply as “the best statistics you have ever seen”.


Sunny George Verghese, Co-founder, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Olam International

A multi-award-winning business leader, Verghese is responsible for strategic planning, business development, and overall management of the Olam group of companies worldwide. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), Singapore and was awarded the Public Service Medal by the Government of Singapore in August 2010.

The Future of Travel & Experience Panelists

Dr Felix Klanner
Director of Future Mobility Research

Dr Felix Klanner joined BMW in 2007. In 2014 he was appointed the Director of Future Mobility Research, Singapore, as a part of a joint initiative of BMW Group and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
In addition to his work at Future Mobility Research, Dr Klanner is a Visiting Associate Professor at NTU and has been lecturing on the driver assistance systems course at the University of Technology in Munich, Germany, since 2008. Dr Klanner has published more than 70 patents in the field of image processing, driver assistance systems and highly automated driving.
Dr Felix Klanner received his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Technology in Darmstadt, Germany. He was awarded his diploma in mechanical engineering by the University of Technology in Munich, Germany.

Ricardo Pesce
Managing Director at Embraer Asia Pacific

Ricardo Pesce has been the Managing Director of Embraer Asia Pacific since 2010. Pesce joined the company in 1976 and was the very first aeronautical engineer to join the commercial business division at Embraer. With over 30 years of corporate and sales experience, Pesce has been heavily involved in the marketing and sales of the company’s commercial products. He also established the Product Strategy team, where he worked on the launch of the Embraer’s EJETS family of commercial aircraft.

Sonu Shivdasani
Founder of Six Senses and chairman and CEO of Soneva

Sonu Shivdasani is a pioneer in luxury, sustainable tourism. Alongside the Soneva Group, he has been instrumental in the development of several eco-friendly projects, including the Slow Life Foundation and Whole World Water, an initiative to encourage the hospitality industry to serve water produced onsite and donate savings to clean water projects worldwide.

Impactful Philanthropy Panelists

Hannes Schmid
Photographer and Co-Founder of Smiling Gecko Foundation

Swiss artist, Hannes Schmid, has been building a body of art photographs since the 1970s. He is most famous for the recreation of the famous Marlboro Man through his iconic depictions of life in the modern west.

Hannes Schmid is also the co-founder of Smiling Gecko Foundation, an association dedicated to helping people living in slums, particularly children and orphans in Asia.

Andreas R Kirchschlaeger
CEO of elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization

The elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization was created at the end of 2006, and Andreas Kirchschlaeger serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He is involved in the strategic thinking that shapes the foundation which acts as an intermediary in the allocation of philanthropic capital.

Laurence Lien
Chairman of Lien Foundation and Deputy Chairman of Caritas Singapore

Laurence Lien is the Chairman of the Lien Foundation and Deputy Chairman of Caritas Singapore. He is also the Vice-President of the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership and Board Member of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation at the Singapore Management University.



Dr Liu Thai Ker
Senior Director at RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd and Founding Chairman of Centre for Liveable Cities

Dr Lui Thai Ker is the celebrated master planner of Singapore and is recognised for his influence on Singapore's urban landscape.

Prof Dr Peter Edwards
Director, Singapore-ETH Centre

Professor Peter Edwards is an ecologist, environmental scientist and the author of well over 300 scientific papers  focusing on the application of science and technology in building ecosystems in urban and agricultural landscapes


Steve Melhuish
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Property Guru

Steve Melhuish is an award-winning entrepreneur. He originally co-founded PropertyGuru due to his personal frustrations at trying to find a new home. Today, PropertyGuru is the leading online property group in South East Asia.


Panel Moderator

Barbara Luethi
Award-winning journalist Barbara Luethi reported for Swiss Television and CNN. She brings the investigative edge born from years of investigative reporting and the personality of her years of experience as a talk show host to the stage at the conference to lead the panel discussions at the Singapore Summit.