We support projects worldwide in the respective core areas. The following is an overview of our partner organisations and projects.


  • Cape Winemakers‘ Equity Accelerator in South Africa 

    Within the context of wealth inequality in South Africa’s wine industry, the equitable redistribution of resources and expertise will be fostered, thereby increasing the number of black wine producers in the industry. A mentoring, training and resource-sharing facility will be setup to bring together established and emerging wine producers.

  • elea Foundation – Smart Dukas Nairobi in Kenya 

    Vocational training in basic business skills for owners of small grocery stores in poor neighborhoods of Nairobi, with the goal of substantially improving the business position of small traditional shops (Dukas), securing the jobs of the shop owners and their families.

  • Partners for Possibility in South Africa

    To address the problem of poorly equipped school principals in terms of skills and knowledge, they are supported through co-action and co-learning partnerships with business leaders, who bring their knowledge and skills about change leadership to the school.

  • Solidar Suisse in Mozambique

    Providing youths with vocational training in agricultural practices to become farmers in order to increase their chances of entering the labour market.

  • Swisso-Kalmo in Somalia

    Educating midwives on safe maternal practices and deliveries in a region with the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world.

  • TSiBA Education in South Africa

    Vocational training for youths with financial constraints and inferior or incomplete secondary education to become commercial employees.


  • elea Foundation – BagoSphere in the Philippines

    Providing professional training as call centre agents to underprivileged youths, enabling them to secure jobs in the fast-growing call centre industry.

  • elea Foundation - Dharma Life in India

    Giving rural households access to products sold at an affordable price by creating a local distribution network and educating locals as entrepreneurs to become local representatives and sales agents of Dharma Life.

  • Smiling Gecko in Cambodia

    Developing and implementing several new vocational training courses offering a wide array of employment opportunities in areas such as tourism.

  • Swisscontact in Bangladesch

    Fostering an understanding of health among the population and training young adults in a 2-years program to be skilled health workers, who are urgently needed in rural areas and can provide initial medical care.

  • WOMANITY in Afghanistan

    Offering vocational training to young women as IT and data management specialists.


  • ALBISBRUNN in Switzerland

    Providing vulnerable youths with a vocational training course in recycling so that they are able to look after themselves, interact meaningfully in society, and master the skills they need to earn a living.

  • 'Die BUCHPATEN' in Switzerland

    Supporting socially underprivileged children and their families by encouraging participatory readings by local people of illustrated books in order to support progress in literacy, increase self-confidence, and bring various social classes together.

  • RethinkResource in Switzerland

    Business-to-business online marketplace for responsible and sustainable handling of industrial waste, by-products, and side-stream materials.

  • The Ocean Cleanup in the Pacific

    Supporting young researchers in an efficient recycling process of debris collected by advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic waste.

Latin America

  • Fundación Educación in Guatemala and Peru

    Providing support to young and promising talent from low-income families to allow them the opportunity to study at a technical college or university to prepare for a career in the technical or information technology industry.

  • Fair Recycling in Brazil

    Setting up a training course in recycling in order to enable underprivileged youths a future-oriented job opportunity, enabling them to overcome poverty.

  • Fight for Peace in Brazil

    To address the high levels of youth unemployment in the ‘Maré’ favelas, vocational training opportunities are provided through technical courses, with a specific focus on personal development combined with practical job training and technical skills.

Art Awards in Switzerland

  • FANTOCHE – Animation film festival

    Audience award for best international film.

  • PRIX VISARTE – Architectural and public art

    Award for innovative and revolutionary projects in the area of architectural and public art.

  • Fotomuseum Winterthur – Post-photography prototyping, P3

    Award for young artists to support their developmental work in the area of digital art and photography known as post-photography.