Julius Baer is synonymous with entrepreneurialism. It forms the foundation on which we have continued to build. We value innovative thinking across our entire organisation. This drives development, which is why we are focusing on the theme of start-ups at our first Global Gen-Y Reunion event in Berlin.

We are pleased to welcome you to this key networking event and to share our experiences in the world of business as well as those of many Berlin-based innovators. As you are the entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future, you will appreciate the insights presented at this informative reunion hosted in one of Europe’s most avant-garde cities.

Be part of the first Global Gen-Y Reunion

We are very excited to hold our first Global Gen-Y Reunion in 2016 in the innovative and vibrant city of Berlin. A hive of entrepreneurial activity and a major business hub, Berlin is an exciting location for our reunion and the ideal city to explore our chosen theme for 2016 – ‘From Start-Up to Global Giant’.

Building on the success of our Gen-Y Investment Workshop, we hope to strengthen our community by providing ample opportunity for reconnecting and networking.
At the first Global Gen-Y Reunion, you will meet inspiring entrepreneurs, members of Julius Baer’s senior management as well as internal and external speakers, explore one of Europe’s liveliest cities, and most importantly, get to know each other even better.

Connect with people from all over the world

From its foundations in Switzerland, Julius Baer has grown into a truly international wealth manager with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. The Bank’s solid Swiss heritage has been enriched by our increasing internationalism and cultural openness. As our reunion will include participants from all over the globe, English has been chosen as the event language.

Explore the soul of Berlin: Glamour and grit

Germany’s capital is a sprawling metropolis and its bustling districts offer both tradition and modernity, a juxtaposition of architectural styles, and a thriving restaurant scene with cutting edge urban style. Enjoy the vibrancy of Berlin at our first Global Gen-Y Reunion event this October.

Further information

Are you interested in learning more about the first Global Gen-Y Reunion? We would be delighted to provide you with additional information. Simply contact us via the link provided.