Founded in 1965, the Julius Baer Foundation represents the philanthropic engagement of Julius Baer. It provides financial support to charitable organisations and projects of public interest in Switzerland and all over the world.

Over the last years, the foundation’s engagement focused on helping children and young adults. Our vision is to give everybody the same chances in life, mitigating the gap in health and education that poverty creates among the youth. The goal is to accompany youths and young adults in their development to becoming self-responsible adults.

In addition, our Foundation supports cultural, scientific and other social projects.

The Julius Baer Foundation: The firm’s most worthwhile investment

The Julius Baer Foundation has clear objectives and broad personal support from the Board of Trustees. This guarantees the Foundation's independence, professional operation and high standards.

The Julius Baer Foundation supports youth projects targeting:

  • Violence prevention
  • Teaching methods / practices
  • Health / sport
  • Training / education
  • Vocational training
  • Development aid

The Julius Baer Foundation does not support:

  • Festivities (for example, anniversaries)
  • Workshops, lectures or short training programmes
  • Film or sound production
  • Projects without a definitive end in sight
  • Entertainment productions

Potential applicants

Please note that only electronically received applications (using the appropriate form) will be taken into consideration. 
Unsolicited applications sent via postal service or e-mail will be returned without being evaluated.