The Julius Baer Foundation, the non-profit grant foundation of the Julius Baer Group, has dedicated itself to making meaningful and impactful societal contributions for more than 50 years. When the Julius Baer Foundation was established by Walter J. Baer in 1965, its aim was to provide support to all forms of art and culture and the various sciences, along with carefully selected charitable causes within Switzerland. The Foundation’s reach has extended along with the growth of the Group, and today we collaborate with partner organisations worldwide in the core areas of

  • Vocational Training
  • Recycling PLUS
  • and Wealth Inequality.

Our cultural heritage remains as part of our commitment through the donation of existing art awards.

Daniel J. Sauter, President of the Julius Baer Foundation, says: “The vision of the Julius Baer Foundation is that of a society in which youths and young adults have motivating vocational training and future perspectives, where resources are used sustainably, and the various social classes demonstrate mutual support and respect for one another.”

Our Mission

The Julius Baer Foundation is committed to providing guidance to underprivileged youths through solid Vocational Training for them to become self-reliant and responsible adults securing their livelihood independently and shaping their own environment positively.

We promote a sustainable approach to resources. Therefore, we support visionary Recycling PLUS projects geared towards reusing materials within a circular economy and finding an efficient way to filter out pollutants. We systematically encourage the voluntary exchange between various social groups within a society characterised by inequality in terms of means and opportunities. We accompany and invest in inspiring initiatives and projects that are collectively formed by people of various social classes in order to create an added value in their immediate vicinity.

Our Core Areas