Julius Baer’s core values

It takes only three words to describe the core values Julius Baer stands for: Care, Passion, Excellence. Julius Baer’s values are aspirations, reflecting the company’s commitment to move the organisation forward for the benefit of its clientele, investors and professional staff. By living these values each day, Julius Baer can ensure that clients are served in the best way possible, that internal colleagues are valued and respected, and that the company consistently achieves a level of performance that sets Julius Baer apart from the competition.


A commitment to care is the foundation of Julius Baer.

Julius Baer cares through…

  • Empathy – Julius Baer listens to your needs, proposes solutions tailored to your individual situation, and consistently follows up.
  • Integrity – Julius Baer operates with full integrity. You can rely on us to stick to our promises and commitments, and to act with honesty and transparency.
  • Partnership – Julius Baer is dedicated to your success. We seek out the best way to do business and build trust and solid partnerships for the long term.


Passion is the energy that flows through Julius Baer. It enables the company to innovate, evolve and sustain.

Julius Baer lives passion through…

  • Entrepreneurship – Julius Baer seeks to continually evolve its business, by integrating new innovations and providing you with access to nascent investment opportunities.
  • Focus – Julius Baer focuses entirely on clients, with success measured in terms of your satisfaction. To achieve your satisfaction requires focus, discipline and drive.
  • Heritage – Julius Baer is proud of its heritage, and its ability to shape the future of the private banking industry. The company lives the Swiss values of stability, honesty, trust, quality and privacy.  


Only by being committed to Excellence can Julius Baer foster a culture of sustainable, superior performance.

Julius Baer lives excellence through…

  • Global expertise – You’ll receive outstanding financial expertise and access to every opportunity the financial world offers. The company is sensitive to the differing needs and challenges each market presents.
  • Performance – Julius Baer is committed to protecting and growing your wealth. This can be achieved by having the right people, expertise, processes and systems in place to deliver superior investment performance.
  • Innovation – Julius Baer constantly seeks to enhance its services and products. We foster creativity and challenge ourselves to bring new ideas and opportunities to life, so that we can meet your changing needs.