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Senior women’s network Julia@Baer: 7 tips to shape a successful career


Senior women’s network Julia@Baer: 7 tips to shape a successful career

At the inaugural event of Julia@Baer, the networking platform for committed senior women at Julius Baer in Switzerland, keynote speaker Beatriz Sanchez, Julius Baer’s Head of Region Latin America and member of the Executive Board, shared her insights into shaping a successful business career.

Julia@Baer was founded in 2016 by two female employees who strongly believe that gender equality on all management levels will bring Julius Baer to further success. What were their main drivers to start building such a platform and bring together committed women? They experienced that regular exchanges with dedicated female colleagues foster both goal achievement and personal development.

Key success factors: priorities, passion and sacrifices
Recently, the network’s member base was extended to 400 senior women in Switzerland. To mark this milestone, Head of Region Latin America and member of the Executive Board Beatriz Sanchez held an engaging speech, illustrating her story discussing turning points and transformative moments of her life.

According to Beatriz Sanchez, a mother of two, shaping a successful career is about priorities, passion and what one is willing to sacrifice:

  1. Be in control of your decisions. “It is vital to base your decisions on confidence and knowledge, not fear. Take destiny into your own hands, and acknowledge the value of education – what you carry in your head and heart can never be taken from you.”
  2. Build your own brand. “It is important to develop your own brand and manage your life like a company. Find your own path and be true to yourself, but also accept the help of others. You need your board of directors – family and friends – to check and balance, and advocates to help you get where you want to go.”
  3. Cut your losses. “If you see something is not for you, decide to let it go. Don’t be afraid of failure either, don’t let it stop you. Take on challenges and be up for a stretch assignment.”
  4. Be passionate about your work. “Simply put, love what you do. If you haven’t found your passion yet, keep looking and find something you truly love.”
  5. Decide what your non-negotiables are. “Yes, as a women in business and mother you miss certain things, as you cannot be everywhere at the same time. But it is important to find a coping mechanism and not be tortured by your decisions or feelings of guilt.”
  6. Give 100% in everything you do. “There is no such thing as work-life balance. It is more like a seesaw: it is about prioritising, communicating clearly and managing expectations successfully.”
  7. Engage with your communities. “Socialise outside of work and your habitual circle of friends. Have a voice and be an agent for change. Be a mentor and give back to the community by passing on your knowledge and expertise.”

Julia@Baer encourages women to be inspiring role models, network and support each other and their communities. This approach is intended to propel awareness, improve the work environment and eventually boost employees’ confidence.

Beatriz Sanchez, Head of Region Latin America at Julius Baer

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