In our Next Generation Summit, First Movers, we are bringing together some of the most inspiring thought-leaders of our time, including keynote speaker, Jared Cohen of Google Ideas, and frontrunners such as Darcy Winslow, who initiated NIKE's Sustainable Business Strategy, Aymeric Sallin a nanotechnology and innovation leader and Alex Steffen an award winning author explaining the city planning for the future. We have asked them to share their views with us on the global megatrends relevant for today’s and tomorrow's investors.

Several Julius Baer representatives, including CEO Boris F.J. Collardi, CIO Dr Burkhard Varnholt, Head of Investment Solutions & Advisory Andreas Feller and Head Commodity Research Norbert Rücker, will also be offering insights on a variety of topics.

A panel discussion with both external as well as internal speakers will focus on the topic of 'Energy transition: consumer behaviour, technology, water scarcity and pollution'. A Q&A session will round off the Next Generation Summit with the following participants: CEO Boris F.J. Collardi, CIO Burkhard Varnholt, Jared Cohen and Darcy Winslow.

Clients and prospects interested in joining this Next Generation Summit are kindly asked to contact their relationship manager.

The topics of discussion at the Summit are listed in detail below.

Next Generation Summit Zurich Trailer

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Deborah Kan, Media Entrepreneur

Deborah Kan is a new media entrepreneur, award-winning news anchor and seasoned journalist. A member of the 2008 class of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, she has over 15 years’ experience in print and broadcast journalism. Previously Executive Producer at the Wall Street Journal, where she established their video operation in Asia, she is currently launching a multi-media content site, focusing on health and technology.

Keynote Speaker

Digital disruption: The next 5 billion: Life in our new connected age

Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas and Advisor to the Executive Chairman Google, Inc.

Within the next decade, it is expected that approximately five billion new people will join the online community. Different from the 'first world' users so far, these new online users will come from the most problematic parts of the world, including regions wrought with political and economic instability. In this highly innovative and forward-thinking keynote, Jared Cohen will examine how this shift in online demographics will affect both geopolitics and corporations, as well as individuals and groups, as businesses and financial institutions strive to understand the needs and attributes of their new customer base.

Guest Speakers

Elena Corchero, Founder and Director of Lost Values Lab and Awarded Innovation Designer

Elena Corchero presented in a TedTalk style how tradition and innovation can be combined by recycling existing materials to create new ones.


Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of RIMAC Automobili and Greyp Bikes

Mate Rimac participated in the panel discussion “Why you want to live (invest) in low-carbon cities”, discussing his view on the development of mobility especially e-cars.

Digital disruption: Nanotechnology: From structured atoms to global solutions

Aymeric Sallin, Founder and CEO of NanoDimension

Aymeric Sallin shows us that after centuries of research the humanity has finally reached the finest level of matter: the atomic and molecular level. It gives science an unprecedented level of control and allows us to observe new properties, which opens the door to huge commercial opportunities. However, he argues, break-through science must be translated into disruptive technology in order to capture these opportunities.

Growing urban: The Shareable Future of Cities

Alex Steffen, Award-winning Writer, Speaker and Foresight Consultant

Much of Alex Steffen's work focuses on planetary thinking: How can we better understand the large human and natural systems that increasingly impact every aspect of our lives and how can we use our new insight to focus on breakthrough efforts to increase the odds of humanity thriving over the long-term while we succeed now? By using real-world examples and based on big-picture research, Steffen will show us that a brighter and greener future is ours to choose.

SOCIAL CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: First movers at NIKE – Building New Models of Leadership

Darcy Winslow, CEO/Managing Partner Academy for Systemic Change

As one of the foremost hands-on experts on the process of steering a large and successful company toward more environmental and financial sustainability, she speaks with passion about the innovative practices that can turn a company doing business-as-usual into a company that leads the way in corporate social responsibility.