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A unique opportunity for motorsport to be a game changer


In our latest episode of Julius Baer’s True Connections podcast, Alan Hooks, Head of Private Clients UK, speaks with Alejandro Agag, Founder & Chairman of Formula-E, about his journey from politics into entrepreneurism and what he thinks the future holds for motor racing and transportation more broadly.




Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Alan and Alejandro’s conversation:

True Connections podcast: a unique opportunity for motorsport to be a game changer


  • Download audio | MP3, 23 MB
  • Alejandro describes his career as a bit of a rollercoaster and it’s easy to understand why. The breadth of experience is far reaching – from politics to technology and financial services to football and motor sport. An entrepreneur’s broad experience is usually what gives them an edge over the competition as they can draw on skills they’ve learned from different industries to create a blueprint for success. Alejandro explains that starting his career in politics, working as an advisor to the Spanish Prime Minister, gave him a set of skills that has enabled him to succeed in a variety of industries, most recently in Formula E.

    His experience in managing a large number of stakeholders, all with differing agendas, coupled with a passion for sustainability was a perfect mix for launching a new, disruptive sport. As Alejandro describes, he saw an opportunity that could be a game changer for motorsport. Being able to spot these opportunities is what Alejandro believes is the key to the success of any disruptive business – identifying and capitalising on the mega trends that we’re seeing globally. One of these mega trends is the future of mobility and, as Alejandro explains, this is one that we’re already beginning to see with the increased adoption of electric cars. The next step may be a more mass market use of driverless vehicles but, while Alejandro only took around 90 seconds to relax into his first driverless car experience, it may still be a while before we’re all heading to work in them.

    To hear from Alejandro, please listen to the podcast using the player above. If you are interested, you can also access Julius Baer’s Next Generation research on Future Mobility here.