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Justine Monsavoir: “Julius Baer gives me a great sense of freedom”

Despite strong growth in the past years, Julius Baer has managed to retain its flat hierarchies and direct communication channels. This is, among others, reflected in internal moves. When looking for a new challenge, Justine Monsavoir changed from Branding & Advertising to Events & Hospitality – a smooth move, as she explains in the video.




“I was born with itchy feet,” says French-born, internationally raised and now Zurich-based Justine Monsavoir, who works as an Event Manager at Julius Baer. Why Zurich? “This was due to an agreement with my partner. When we were studying together in France, we said we would move to where work would take the first one of us.”

Before joining the Events & Hospitality team, Justine was with the Branding & Advertising unit at Julius Baer. “I like taking on challenges and reinventing myself. So when I heard about an open position within Events & Hospitality, I knew I had to go for it.”

Direct communication channels and flat hierarchies
How did Justine experience her internal move? “I expected complicated processes but actually it was fairly easy. Julius Baer is less about hierarchy, it’s more about people.”

What’s more, Justine feels supported in her development and is encouraged to bring in her own ideas. “Julius Baer gives me a great sense of freedom and the possibility to lead myself. My superiors give me room to move, have confidence in my personality and let me take on new challenges and responsibilities.”

Freedom and empowerment as happiness factors
Ultimately, Justine is convinced that the work culture has a big impact on both her professional and personal life: “It’s easy to develop in such a work environment. This really boosts our happiness – both in the professional and personal realm.”

Where does Justine see parallels between her work and her hobby, cooking? “What it boils down to are quality ingredients and knowing how to put them together. Even though it can be challenging, I always manage to make it work and give it a French twist,” she says with a smile.

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