A global leader in precious metals

With extensive experience in precious metals, our experts offer you a broad range of investment options and award-winning, unique products within this asset class.

Precious metals are the ideal stabilising factor to diversify and protect your portfolio. Thanks to its material value, precious metals are considered particularly crisis-proof and stable compared to paper money, offering you physical security in the form of a tangible asset that can be delivered to you at any time.

Our offering for precious metals

From one-of-a-kind asset management with active management of physical precious metals for diversification and classic trading of forwards and options for professional market participants, to custody and investment, we offer a wealth of investment options within the precious metals asset class.

In addition, you will have access not only to in-depth research and the personal knowledge of our experts but also the international financial market expertise of our entire group.

Guaranteed quality

Through our relationships with London Billion Market Association (LBMA) approved refineries, the highest “good delivery” standards are guaranteed.

Further information

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