Gold as a stablising factor

Physical precious metals are considered to be a safe and stable investment. Therefore, gold counts still as one of the most popular precious metal investments.

Unlike money, gold has a real physical value and is a tangible asset. Internationally recognised as a method of payment, it cannot be reproduced at will and therefore provides security against the fluctuating purchasing power of paper money, although the value of gold can be subject to market fluctuations.

We only sell certified gold (LBMA, Good Delivery) to ensure the highest standards. With direct access to gold, even when demand is high, we can offer gold bars in diverse sizes as well as a selection of coins and are able to deliver your gold, also in large amounts, on short notice.

We offer evaluation of capital markets for private and professional investors and our trading desks allow a 24-hours precious metals trading. You can also monitor your portfolio’s performance online at any time.

Your gold in safe hands

We store your gold in a high-security vault, where you can choose between storage in a collective or allocated deposit. Your gold deposit is comprehensively insured, and will facilitate acquisitions and sales.

Invest in a way that suits you

Whether you are looking for sustainable performance, the security of a physical asset, or the flexibility to invest in a range of precious metals, we have the right solution for you.

You can also benefit from lending money on your gold stock to create financial scope for new endeavours. You can find out more here

Further information

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