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SEBA Bank became one of the first fully regulated digital banks in the world in 2019. “Our mission at SEBA is to demystify crypto,” says SEBA CEO Guido Bühler. Regulars on the cryptofinance conference circuit, SEBA is working hard to open up the digital asset space and bring it to the mainstream. “I strongly believe that there cannot be two standards for traditional money and digital money. We are using new technology to bring the proven elements of banking together with these new, digital elements, so that we can move banking into the next dimension.”

The problem is, outside of the crypto hubs there are still many misunderstandings and misconceptions when it comes to the world of digital assets and this next dimension of banking.

We think it is important that everyone understands the next revolution of the financial industry; we want to be seen as a multiplier of knowledge and not a gatekeeper.

Marcel Harmann, Head of SEBAversity

Enter SEBAversity
“SEBAversity stands for SEBA University and it is the educational arm of the bank,” explains Marcel Harmann, Head of SEBAversity. “We educate people on blockchain technology, DLT technology, and digital assets.”

SEBAversity works together with a number of different universities and institutions including the University of Zurich, the Frankfurt Business School Blockchain Centre, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. “We have close partnerships with all of these institutions to ensure that we stay at the forefront of academia,” says Harmann, who has over ten years of experience in the fintech and blockchain space.

Since opening its doors earlier this year, SEBAversity has trained over 200 industry members and investors in its X space – a combination of a bar, teaching spaces, relaxed meeting rooms, and their server hub, designed to encourage exchange and interaction around the topics of crypto and digital assets. They also have an online platform where anyone can access their selection of courses. “We think it is important that everyone understands the next revolution of the financial industry; we want to be seen as a multiplier of knowledge and not a gatekeeper,” says Harmann.

Partnering up
As part of its ongoing partnership with SEBA Bank, Julius Baer has been working with SEBAversity to ensure its relationship managers have the latest knowledge and insights from the digital assets space. “With this new programme we have a great opportunity to actually gain insights into the world of digital assets in a tangible way,” explains David Schlumpf, Head of the Julius Baer Academy.

Regardless of your level of financial knowledge – beginner or professional investor – understanding the big shifts in the industry is key to managing your wealth better. When it comes to learning about digital assets, SEBAversity is a good place to start.

Digital disruption

Led by the proliferation of computing power and widespread internet connectivity, the phenomenon of digitalisation is disrupting sectors as varied as tourism, health, education and finance, affecting every aspect of our lives. We take a closer look at some of these digital pioneers.

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