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Wealth and legacy – A family affair

Families are our past and our future. They give us our start in life, and shape who we become. Ensuring that families flourish and preserve their values and legacy for future generations is therefore one of life’s biggest responsibilities.

Families all over the world share many of the same goals and concerns. Perhaps the most important among these are ensuring the family’s well-being and unity, and that its wealth is passed on to future generations. But as families grow, their structure and assets can become increasingly complex, with family members often living on different continents and shared business interests spread across various generations. Successfully managing these challenges can require expert advice.

From our family to yours

Julius Baer’s founding family has grown its wealth and handed down its values for generations. Although we have evolved as a bank, we remain true to those values, and the family perspective is deeply rooted in all that we do.

Our understanding of how to create and preserve value for families, combined with our respect for personal relationships and our commitment to sustainable communities, make us a leading and highly experienced advisor on family wealth.

We offer a range of services dedicated specifically to families. These include:

Family roadmap

Together, we evaluate your overall family and each family member’s financial situation as well as your goals. Based on this analysis, we identify your advisory needs and agree on a roadmap to grow and protect your family wealth over generations. 

Family governance

We help you set up a tailored governance structure to professionalise the management of your family wealth and ensure alignment among family stakeholders. Our internal experts, and as needed, our network of external partners, help your family address topics such as setting up a family policy and constitution; supporting relevant education for family members; having the right succession plans in place; holding family councils and assemblies; and planning and setting up wealth structures for the family wealth, including family offices.

Family network

Julius Baer provides an exclusive platform that enables you to meet with other families from all over the world at dedicated events. We also offer educational and networking opportunities, suited to different generations of families.

Family purpose

Our ambition is to empower you and your family to have a conscious impact today and in the future. We do this in two ways: one, by helping you to identify your family’s values. And two, by bringing to life your values, eg by contributing to a healthier environment and society through responsible investing, be it sustainable or impact investing, or through a philanthropic engagement or any other personal vison you might share within your family.

Family experts

In addition to our internal specialists, we have over many years systematically built up a global network of unique external experts on an international basis. We therefore share with you our expertise in identifying and forming a team of suitable experts for your specific family-related needs. These can relate to family governance, administrative, concierge, and lifestyle services, as well as digital solutions, among others. 

The Julius Baer Family Barometer

Our Family Barometer examines the key findings of a yearly survey of private clients’ services experts who work with wealthy families. It explores the most pressing concerns and challenges faced by wealthy families, as well as their current needs. Please download a copy of the report to learn more.

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