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Market Outlook Year-End 2022

The global market environment: Look for lows but stay open-minded

Given our economic outlook, the headwinds for risk assets like equities should eventually ease. However, it will take time to restore shattered confidence. In our market outlook, we assess the situation and share our high-conviction positioning ideas into year end.

Investment Guide: Market Outlook Year-End 2022

Read our publication to learn more about:

  • The big picture: Although volatility across markets is likely to remain high, now is a good time to look out for new opportunities. Why?
  • The future is green: Energy markets are the talk of the town these days. What are our investment conclusions, and is Europe facing a cold, dark winter?
  • Ready to rumble: Stocks have come under immense pressure this year. Where do we think corrections have been excessive and why?
  • Investing matters: Portfolio construction is essential to harness the long-term capital appreciation in financial markets. Why should you adjust your portfolio to the new normal now?

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