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Cinzia Sanvido on combining work with hobby

Cinzia Sanvido has worked as a relationship manager at Julius Baer for the past 25 years. And unbeknownst to many, she is also the President of the Julius Baer Art Commission. After joining the Art Committee over nine years ago, she continues to play an active role in the acquisition of new works for the ever expanding Collection.




Cinzia was born and raised in the lakeside city of Lugano, Switzerland. Following the completion of her studies in her hometown, she studied abroad in Germany, England, and the United States before beginning work as a relationship manager first in Frankfurt and then New York on an exchange contract.

At the time, Cinzia had little interest in contemporary art and it wasn’t until the death of Jean-Michel Basquiat that she began exploring the contemporary art scene. While in New York, Basquiat’s home, she was keen to discover why people fell in love with his unconventional works, and it was here that her passion for contemporary art began.

When asked what she looks for in potential new works for the Collection, Cinzia simply explains that she keeps an eye out for quality works that offer new perspectives. As one member of a very diverse seven-member committee with varying artistic tastes, she believes it is a good exercise to come up with compelling reasons to feature a certain work and encourage fellow members to approach new works with an open mind.

In addition to the opportunity to work closely with her colleagues, Cinzia explains that the Collection offers a unique starting point for conversations with clients. “As a relationship manager I deal largely with numbers and performance. Seeing works along the walls of meeting rooms and corridors often evokes rather interesting conversation with clients and visitors.” On a more personal level, Cinzia likens her exposure to artwork as a daily outlet, explaining, “Having my hobby so near to me is both inspiring and therapeutic.”

When asking Cinzia what she finds unique about Julius Baer as an employer, she says: “Being the President of the Art Committee of Julius Baer is a unique opportunity which allows me to deepen my passion beside my responsibilities as a relationship manager. I don’t think I could have had such an opportunity elsewhere. What’s truly inspiring to me is that, not only in my role as a relationship manager but also as head of the Art Committee, I can really make an impact with what I do. The Art Collection makes up a notable part of Julius Baer’s DNA.” 

Cinzia plans to continue exploring the contemporary art scene in the hope of finding new and innovative styles to share with her colleagues and especially clients over the coming years.

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