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Be who you want to be: Three employees share their career journeys

There comes a time in most of our lives when we want a new professional challenge. For many, this translates to moving internally within a company. But what exactly does this entail, and what are the prerequisites? We speak with three individuals who have moved internally – and even internationally – to find out how Julius Baer supports employees in pursuing such professional goals.




Imagine: you work for a company that not only upholds its values, but provides you with the support and encouragement to make a meaningful difference and pursue your professional goals. However, you feel you’ve learned the ins and outs the role has to offer and it’s time to take on a new challenge. You’d rather not leave the company behind, though, and would prefer moving internally, and possibly internationally, which all sounds a bit overwhelming and complex – but does it have to be?

At Julius Baer, we believe in continuous learning as a company and as individuals, which is why we offer extensive career development opportunities. Not only this, we foster a culture where leaders are approachable and supportive, and as a global business we also provide opportunities for development across our international network, including moving to a new role within the organisation.

To gain an inside perspective on what exactly this involves, we speak with three individuals who have moved internally within Julius Baer: Catherine Scholler, Head Compliance Private Banking, Philipp Kleinschnittger, Head Middle East & Africa Zurich, and Marc Isliker, Head Client Documentation Services.

Could you tell us a bit about your various roles at Julius Baer?

Catherine: “I currently work in the Compliance department, heading Private Banking Compliance Booking Center Switzerland. However, I started at Julius Baer nearly ten years ago at the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) desk and a couple of years later I had the chance to develop and manage the AML team. In 2017 I got to work within Project ATLAS (a know-your-client (KYC) initiative) and build the KYC Upgrade Specialists (KUS) team of 80 employees, supporting the project also at international locations. Later in 2019 I got to develop a team covering regional Compliance Americas within the Head Office, supporting our offices in Latin America.”

Philipp: “I first joined Julius Baer in 2016 in Global Custody. Eventually I had the opportunity to go to the CEO Office in the Chief of Staff team to manage strategic initiatives. This was quite a jump from one role to the other, but a great learning experience. After two and a half years I took on a managerial role in our Middle East desk. I’m now Group Head for teams in Zurich, London, Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi covering Region Middle East and Africa.”

Marc: “I first started in 2001 and have also had a range of roles – from part-time jobs during my studies to an international assignment which brought along my whole family. I’ve actually had eight different roles over the last 19.5 years, including in the Front as an RM assistant all the way to different leadership roles in the COO and Intermediaries area.”

How would you describe your internal-transfer journeys at Julius Baer?

Philipp: “For me it was like an expedition, and very little of it was planned, although I wouldn’t change anything. I had – and still have – inspiring mentors and supportive managers. Julius Baer offers a variety of platforms that encourage our entrepreneurial DNA and support those who have innovative ideas. If you have a goal or a passion with the support as I did, then the sky is the limit for the benefit of both the Bank and clients in the end.”

Marc: “When I joined Julius Baer, my plan was to leave the company after my studies to explore other opportunities. In the end, I never left because the professional opportunities and situation always balanced well with my private life – for example, my whole family was able to join me for my role abroad in Panama. I’m now back in Zurich. In fact, I’m actually sitting in the office where I applied for my first job at Julius Baer over 19 years ago.”

Catherine: “It has been a sensational, inspiring, and wonderful journey that was not planned and only possible with an amazing team at my side, marvelous colleagues, peers, and senior management supporting me throughout these years. I look back to a very intensive journey which impacted me professionally and personally.”

What makes Julius Baer a great place to work?

Marc: “I’ve been here for a long time, yet I still feel the family spirit – one of collegiality and care. From what colleagues have told me, this isn’t necessarily a given in bigger entities. We also have a number of employees who have dedicated a considerable portion of their careers to Julius Baer, which makes for great networking opportunities.”

Catherine: “Julius Baer has grown over the last years substantially and it still feels like a family environment, enabling close interpersonal relationships and collaboration across all departments and divisions. Furthermore, the culture of encouraging continuous learning and growing within a global company really makes it a unique place to work.”

Philipp: “When I first started I was confronted with topics with which I wasn’t very familiar, so I just started to call people whom I was told could help me. Coming from a larger bank, I was deeply impressed with the response I got. I felt a true culture of collaboration, openness, and pragmatism in finding solutions and overcoming obstacles. This really encouraged me and gave me a sense of belonging to the company.”

Inspired by their stories and interested in joining Julius Baer?

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