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Significant shareholders

The holdings of the here listed shareholders exceed 3 percent of the voting rights in Julius Baer Group Ltd.

Shareholdings in companies that are domiciled in Switzerland and have at least a portion of their shares listed in Switzerland must be reported to the company in question and the SIX Swiss Exchange if the shareholdings exceed, fall below or reach certain thresholds. The thresholds are 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 33 1/3%, 50% and 66 2/3% of the voting rights. 

Based on notifications received by Julius Baer Group Ltd. each of the following shareholders holds more than 3% of the voting rights in Julius Baer Group Ltd.:

Shareholder(s)/group Purchase positions Sale positions Publication date
  total percentage in
voting rights
total percentage in
voting rights
MFS Investment Management 9.9834%   04.01.2014
T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. 5.07%   09.11.2021
BlackRock Inc. 5.06% 0.004% 30.06.2021
UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG 3.09%   28.09.2019