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Financial Information

Exclusive strategic focus on wealth management with a long history of profitability.

Key figures

  30.06.2022 30.06.2021 31.12.2021 Change 31.12.2021
to 30.06.2022
in %
Assets under management (CHF bn)* 427.9 485.9 481.7 -11.2
Net new money in period (CHF bn) -1.1 9.9 9.7 -
Total assets (CHF m) 115,835.2 113,578.3 116,305.8 -0.4
Total equity 6,087.7 6,725.6 6,743.3 -9.7
BIS total capital ratio* 23.4% 22.8% 24.0% -
BIS CET1 capital ratio* 15.0% 16.7% 16.4% -
Number of employees 6,798 6,667 6,727 1.1
Number of relationship managers 1,203 1,341 1,274 -5.5

*In between the half-yearly financial reporting, updates on these figures are published in the 4-month and 10-month Interim Management Statements. 

Further information can be found in the Key figures table below.

Julius Baer’s medium-term financial targets

All targets are based on adjusted results1 2020 2021 Medium-term targets
Cost/income ratio 66.4% 63.8% <67%
by 2022
Pre-tax margin 27.2bp 28.2bp 25-28bp
by 2022
Profit before taxes CHF 1,114.5m CHF 1,328.9m
(+19% vs. 2020)2
>10% growth p.a.
over 2020-22 cycle3
RoCET1 32% 34% >30%
by 2022

The Group’s own floors are as follows:

  • BIS Total Capital Ratio4: >15%
  • BIS CET1 Capital Ratio5: >11%

1 Adjusted results are derived by excluding from the IFRS financial results the operating expenses related to acquisitions or divestments (M&A) and the taxes on those respective items. For definitions and more details please refer to the Alternative Performance Measures document, available below.
2 Change 2019/2020: +22%
3 Relative to 2019 adjusted PBT of CHF 917m
4 BIS Total Capital Ratio: Total eligible capital divided by risk-weighted assets in %
5 BIS CET1 Capital Ratio: CET1 eligible capital divided by risk-weighted assets in %

Agency ratings

Currently, Moody’s assigned ratings to Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. as follows:

  • Long-Term Deposit Rating: Aa3
  • Short-Term Deposit Rating: Prime-1 (representing the highest possible short-term rating)
  • Long-Term Senior Unsecured and Issuer Rating: A2
  • Counterparty Risk Assessment: Aa3(cr) for the long term, Prime-1(cr) for the short term

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