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Business and Strategy

We aim to be the world’s most personal and pioneering pure wealth manager.

Julius Baer is the leading Swiss wealth management group and a premium brand in this global sector, with a focus on servicing and advising sophisticated private clients. In all we do, we are inspired by our purpose: creating value beyond wealth.

A prudent financial and risk management results in a very strong capital base and comparatively low risk profile. We aim to achieve sustainable and industry-leading profitable growth, thus remaining competitive and highly attractive for our stakeholders.

Our strategic priorities centre on capturing the strong wealth creation dynamics of growth markets and on further penetrating the high wealth concentration of our core European markets. In addition to fostering organic growth, broadening our base of highly qualified RMs, and cooperating with strong partners, Julius Baer is also open to opportunistic acquisitions provided they offer a convincing strategic and cultural fit, and are value-enhancing.

Financial highlights 2021

Significant increase in net profit, dividend payout ratio increased and a new share buy-back programme of up to CHF 400 million. The highlights:

  • IFRS net profit attributable to shareholders of Julius Baer Group Ltd. up 55% to CHF 1,082 million and IFRS earnings per share (EPS) up 56% to CHF 5.06.
  • Adjusted net profit (excluding M&A-related items) up 20% to CHF 1,144 million and adjusted EPS attributable to shareholders of Julius Baer Group Ltd. up 20% to CHF 5.34.
  • Assets under management (AuM) CHF 482 billion, an increase of 11%, supported by net new money up 30% to CHF 20 billion (4.5%).
  • Structural cost reduction programme resulted in improved adjusted cost/income ratio of 63.8% (2020: 66.4%) despite 6 basis point (bp) decline in gross margin to 82 bp.
  • Adjusted pre-tax margin improved to 28 bp (2020: 27 bp) and adjusted return on CET1 capital to 34% (2020: 32%).
  • Capital-efficient business model helped drive further improvement in capital ratios: BIS CET1 capital ratio 16.4% (end 2020: 14.9%) and BIS total capital ratio 24.0% (end 2020: 21.0%), well above minimum regulatory requirements and Group’s own floors.
  • Target dividend payout ratio increased to around 50% of adjusted net profit, with an ordinary dividend of CHF 2.60 per share proposed for financial year 2021, up 49% year on year.
  • New share buy-back programme of up to CHF 400 million.

Philipp Rickenbacher, Chief Executive Officer of Julius Baer Group Ltd., said: “We are pleased to report the highest profit in our history: our performance is reflective of the value we create with and for clients, with strong recurring revenues and greater efficiency underscoring the quality of our earnings. The quality of our financial performance is the result of the strategic agenda we initiated in 2020, with a shift to smart and profitable asset growth, a sharpening of our value proposition, and an acceleration of our investments in technology. Capital generation remains strong, and our business is using this capital efficiently to the benefit of our clients and shareholders. Thanks to the relentless work of our staff, we are entering the final year of our three-year strategic cycle from a position of strength and already gearing up for future growth opportunities.”


Julius Baer is the leading Swiss wealth management group and a premium brand in this global sector, with a focus on servicing and advising sophisticated private clients.

Julius Baer’s activities are centred on the deep understanding of our clients’ needs in respect to wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer to next generations. We deploy a holistic advisory approach to systematically derive the appropriate financial solutions.

Our client-centric approach, our objective advice based on the Julius Baer open product platform, our solid financial base, and our entrepreneurial management culture make us the international reference in wealth management.

More about our services and offering can be found under Our Solutions.


We engage in long-term value creation for our clients, employees, shareholders and society at large. We do this by responsibly managing our organisation and offering in line with our own as well as our clients’ values.

Through our sustainability strategy, we will continue to

  • further integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment processes;
  • embed sustainability principles more deeply and broadly into our operational activities;
  • proactively reduce our environmental footprint;
  • maintain a culture of responsible leadership and a supportive working environment that promotes diversity and inclusion;
  • play an active role in society beyond our direct business activities.

More details regarding our strategic priorities and efforts as well as the last Corporate Sustainability reports can be found here:

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