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Disclosures in Relation to Clients’ Interests

As an integral part of being a client-centric organization, Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd. has formulated the below policies. They will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis:

  1. Reflecting the high standing of both Switzerland and Japan (the jurisdictions where our headquarters and branch are located, respectively), we maintain high levels of professionalism and professional ethics. We conduct business with our clients in good faith and fairness. The focus of Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd. is to, amid uncertain economic and financial market conditions, help preserve the wealth of our clients and enable transfer to the next generation. 
  2. We proactively recognize the potential for conflicts of interests with clients. As such, in the event of conflicts of interest, we take steps to manage them appropriately. Specifically, we implement rules that govern securities trading (including but not limited to collective orders and contracts) by individual officers and staff of Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd.
  3. We will transparently disclose our fee structure, as borne by clients, irrespective of the size of assets as managed by Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd. As outlined in the Investment Discretionary Agreement, Investment Advisory Agreement Management Report, and Operation Report, we will detail the calculation of the investment management fee, custodian fee and any other separate trading related third party fees.
  4. We recognize that Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd. possesses an asymmetry of information relative to its clients. That said, we will fairly and equally transfer important information regarding to discretionary investments and the provision of advice as related to investment advisory services. The information and explanations given will be easy-to-understand and all enquiries related to such will be handled efficiently.
  5. Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd. is aware of clients’ asset size, transaction experience, financial market knowledge, investment goals and needs, and will accordingly provide advice that closely matches these attributes and client-specific circumstances.
  6. Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management Ltd. has a medium- to long-term remuneration and performance evaluation system, designed to pursue the best interests of clients, fair treatment thereof and the appropriate management of conflicts of interest. We also have employee training, appropriate motivational frameworks and governance and other organizational structures in the Tokyo Branch to maintain the interests of clients.

As of May 2017