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Cross Border Fund Distribution

On 2 August 2021, the provisions of the EU legislation on cross-border fund distribution (CBDF) will come into force. The CBDF legislation, which aims to reduce barriers to the cross-border marketing of funds, includes a directive amending the cross-border marketing provisions of both the UCITS Directive and the AIFMD, as well as a regulation setting out disclosure rules for marketing communication of UCITS and AIFs. The Regulation’s disclosure rules for marketing will be complemented by ESMA’s Level 3 Guidelines, a draft of which was issued for consultation last November and is scheduled for finalization and publication on 2 August 2021. While the CBDF Regulation will be directly effective and applicable from 2 August 2021, the provisions of the CBDF Guidelines will need to be transposed into national law before they become applicable in each Member State. As the EU Member States have yet to implement the CBDF Directive (2019/1160), this briefing is based on the provisions of the CBDF Directive and could be affected by individual Member States’ national laws implementing the CBDF Directive.

Julius Baer is the appointed Global Distributor for Funds on the Premium Selection UCITS ICAV platform and the Premium Selection QIAIF ICAV platform. Investors in Funds on these platforms have the right to have any complaints addressed as per UCITS and AIFMD regulations. Julius Baer has implemented procedures to ensure that all complaints are addressed as per regulatory and conduct of business requirements, Fund Investors wishing to register a complaint should use the appropriate contact information provided on this page. Please see the information provided below. This provides the contact details required to initiate a complaint process in the various EU jurisdictions where Funds on the Premium Selection platform are distributed in the EU as per the requirements of the Cross Border Distribution Regulation.


Investor complaints and information about redress mechanisms can be addressed to the respective Advisory location.