Since early 2020, we have found our lives shaped by Covid-19. The unprecedented restrictions experienced around the world have forced us to reconsider the things that truly matter, and we have all been reminded of importance and value of family.

From our family to yours
This situation has also highlighted the increasing complexity of the world we now live in. We have all had to learn how to navigate the new social and regulatory landscape, which is no easy task given how frequently things are changing. We empathise with those who feel overwhelmed by the current situation. Managing these added complexities often robs us of precious time and energy, and makes it increasingly difficult for globalised and multi-generational families to make progress alone. They need a network of experts to move their family forward successfully.

However, perspective is important here. Each generation will face its own challenges and the experiences gained will help to inform our responses in the future. Julius Baer has been helping its clients to navigate through difficult times for more than 130 years. Our collective experience during that time has taught us many things, but one in particular: you are never alone. With the right expert help, there is always a trustworthy, reliable way to navigate through the difficulties.

Empower you and your family
Perhaps now is the right time to think about starting a meaningful dialogue with your family and your chosen experts. Experience shows that doing so can bring greater peace of mind and contentment, and can also help to mitigate conflict and bring a family closer together. That is why we are passionate about promoting open, honest dialogue around both financial and personal matters. For that reason, we commissioned a survey of more than 800 industry experts to shed light on the topics that families are discussing right now, from investments to governance, to learn where their concerns lie, and to explore how they make important decisions. Together with expert analysis and insight from our Julius Baer specialists, these responses form the heart of the second annual Julius Baer Family Barometer.

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