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How to protect your purchasing power

What are personal inflation rates? How is your spending ability being impacted by current economic circumstances? What does this mean for the future? In the latest episode of our Wealth Insights podcast, we tackle how to protect purchasing power as life for everyone becomes increasingly expensive.




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As inflation continues to chip away at purchasing power, investors must keep focused and understand how to protect their wealth. For high-net-worth individuals in particular, life is becoming significantly more expensive – as highlighted in our Global Wealth & Lifestyle Report 2022. There are many factors that influence personal inflation rates, and some are out of our control. However, other aspects depend heavily on where you live, how you consume, and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

What does inflation mean for everyday consumption habits?

Consumers often change their habits when faced with higher prices. This can impact many things, such as how much they invest, save, and spend. It’s important to be aware of your own individual consumer basket, and evaluate whether the purchasing of these goods and services is aligned with your planned expenditure and budgetary limits. Combining your understanding of personal inflation rates with a robust wealth management strategy can help to stem this erosion of your wealth.

In the latest episode of Wealth Insights, we explore these subjects and more with Julius Baer’s Head of Research Christian Gattiker.

To listen to the full episode, please use the player above, or follow the links to Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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