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A closer look at Sustainable Investing

Silvia Wegmann, Head of Sustainable Investment Solutions, and Isak Ahlbom, an ESG product specialist in Wealth Management Solutions

In this episode of our Wealth Insights podcast, we discuss the rise of Sustainable Investing and consider the questions – both positive and negative – that this has prompted. We speak to our experts to learn more about what investing sustainably really means.




Listen to the podcast
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Building on previous Wealth Insights discussions around Responsible Wealth Management, this episode tackles sustainable investing, a field that is rapidly gaining in both interest and importance – but also scrutiny.

We attempt to answer the most burning questions with the help of Silvia Wegmann, Head of Sustainable Investment Solutions, who has more than 20 years’ experience with sustainable investing, and Isak Ahlbom, an ESG product specialist in Wealth Management Solutions.

Sustaining interest in the future
Today’s investors are more closely examining the impact – both positive and negative – of their portfolios and investment decisions. Governments, corporations, and the media across the world are also paying much more attention to all areas of sustainability meaning this area of investing is front of mind for many.

In addition to increased interest in sustainable investing, we have also seen increased scrutiny and scepticism, both about its effectiveness and its actual sustainable credentials. Many have questions they want answered before they take action – but with a mountain of data and information to examine, it can be hard to know where to start.

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